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Forget the typical endless fundraising slog. Accelerate your raise now — set yourself up to close in weeks. Leverage logistics + prototypes + press to create an irresistible deal for VC's.


"Aaron has a unique ability to polish a team and their pitch into a WOW moment for every audience."

William Calvert, CEO, Co-founder, Return to Vendor

"Aaron's advice put us on the path towards an amazing product."

Jannice Newson, CEO, Co-founder, Lillian Augusta


Whether you want to achieve something big with limited resources or raise the next round to do something even bigger, we can support your success.

Fundraising Acceleration

Most founders are told by VC’s that fundraising is a slow and painful process. It doesn’t have to be. Work with us to leverage better logistics, media, and prototyping to move fast.

Clean-tech Messaging

Show the best version of your brand to the world. Design your message to showcase your positive impact and avoid the traps of empty language and greenwashing.


From clean tech research, to fundraising, and empathic management. Get the advice you need to ensure your impact is the best that it can be.

Industrial Design

Are you ready to create the best version of your idea? Work with us to build products that delight humans and help humanity. We can lead or support your product development.

Novel Materials

Not all “sustainable” materials are equal. We can find the right materials for your application or create something completely new.

On-demand Production

Do you have a new material that you want to turn into a product or collection of garments? Leveraging knit-on-demand technology, we can turn your material into a brand in weeks.

Aaron Nesser, MID

Driven by the belief that designers have a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on Earth, Aaron is dedicated to building Earth-positive businesses.

Notably, he co-founded Keel Labs, where he served as CEO and then CTO, working towards transforming the apparel ecosystem with kelp-derived textile fiber for six+ years.He obtained his Masters of Industrial Design at Pratt Institute, and a Bachelors of Biology at Beloit College. Some of his work has been exhibited around the world, in North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Aaron is also a lover of typography, sci-fi novels, and building things.


Earth positive strategy

A holistic approach that goes beyond carbon-neutral

Earth Positive Strategy is about treating Earth like a customer, and building business systems that solve for planetary health. When brands can show a net-positive effect on the planet, they become more highly valued and sought after.

Just-in-time degradability

When a product’s life-time matches that of its material

Don’t let your brand’s legacy be left to chance. If it can’t degrade in time, it will be washing up on beaches and poisoning marine life for the next 1000 years. We can find or design the right material for your product or packaging application.

Design for disintegration

It takes more than the right material for a product to disintegrate the right way

Certain form factors can speed, hinder or even stop decomposition. You’ve invested in sustainable materials, now don’t let your product’s design get in the way.


“The most potential for innovation is found between information silos.”

Listen to the podcast at It's a Material World

“If designer and biologist Aaron Nesser ’11 has his way, your next pair of tennis shoes won’t last thousands of years in a landfill.”

Kiernyn Orne-Adams Beloit College Magazine

Global Grad Show Success Story AlgiKicks by Aaron Nesser, Pratt Institute

Dubai Design Week

Earth-positive design

Anne Prahl Innovation in Textiles

“Seaweed Sneakers Look Fly, Could Help Save the Environment. The pitch: Just-in-time degradability”

Brad Jones Futurism

AlgiKnit’s seaweed-sourced materials could mend the textile industry’s toxic habits

Kate Park Techcrunch

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